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  The CamFUs or Campus facilities and utilities gives an insight about the campus, mapping to various blocks of the college that house a library , hostel, and other privileges of being a RIT-ian.  
That is home to more than five thousand books on various subjects. Not only students can look up “ready reckoners” on the subject of their choice , but also get easy access to a “ global information pool” that is available through subscriptions to popular Indian and foreign journals. The library speaks volumes for the voluminous collection of books, journals that are a student's companion in a journey from technology to technicality.

There is also a separate seminar hall, a drawing hall and lecture halls well furnished and commodious for combined lectures and seminars.


The college provides hostel accommodation for both boys and girls. The boys' and girls' hostel are in separate blocks on the college campus, and the rooms are well furnished and spacious to allow two members in a room. The hostel building houses a vegetarian Mess that serves quality food, an entertainment hall, a Common Study Room for group studying , and an area for Indoor games. Also, the hostel students in groups of twenty would report to individual Tutors. These Tutors would monitor and assess the students' performance and process a regular feedback through the PTM.


The workshop lab is a simulation of a mini-factory with multi-utilitarian works such as Fitting,Carpentry,Sheet Metal Works, Wiring, Welding & Smithy and more. The students are inducted into the ‘shop-floor training' in their first academic year under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced staffs. With our staff's dedication and the student's' sincerity, the workshop-factory is well equipped to turn students into ‘micro professionals'.


The communications Lab is equipped with appliances and apparatus like Projector, Tape Recorder ,Overhead projector,Television with a VCR . Such audio/visual aids are necessary during personality development / communicative-skills' tuning sessions, where in these equipments come into play for better trainer-student communication and enhanced learning.


The Physics Lab is provided with all the necessary and basic electric/electronic equipments such as Electronic weighing machine with other apparatus required for practical sessions.


The lab is full blown in its facilities /resources to allow students carry out experiments in a smooth manner. Also, the lab has a provision to give separate gas connections for individual students.

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