Diploma in Civil Engineering

What puts the building blocks of apartments, skyscrapers or bridges, together in a synchronized, symmetric and sturdy manner, is the skills of civil engineering. The field is becoming more popular than ever with a growing demand for architects and designers who could come out with plans , that can be shaped and streamlined , for the ever growing populace and the fast shrinking ground-space. A diploma holder in Civil engineering can be inducted as a trainee site-supervisor and rise to the level of a site engineer. Also, there are opportunities in both public and private sector Companies, in the field of construction, Design, Costing &Estimating projects. In way of entrepreneurship , consultancy services, and site engineering for remodeling or renovation of residential or non-residential buildings, can be undertaken.

Diploma holders in this field find opportunities in Manufacturing,maintenance, Servicing, Estimating, Costing, Hardware and Software Industries. As Entrepreneurs, students can start their own cell phone or TV servicing centre or PCB designing centre.


The course was introduced in 2006. Students are taken to different construction sites, to give them "on-job" feel of what they learn in theory. They are also given training with the equipments present in

Lab Support
  • Electronic Theodolites(Digital Theodolites)
  • Micrometer Theodolites
  • Quick setting level Equipments
  • Automatic and Laser level
  • Telescopic Staff
  • Microprocessor
  • Concrete mixer and Vibrating machine

And, the special training program includes :

  • Auto CAD
  • 3D Drawing
  • Estimating and prepare data in Building Drawing and Project Work.
  • Visits Dams, Treatment plant, Arch, Industrial Building, PWD, High way, Railway


  • Students can opt for B.E or AMIE in Civil Engineering
  • Specialization by taking up Computer courses conducted by IBM , APPLE , CAD etc.