Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

As we keep in pace with the revolution brought about by the Information Age, with communication between systems and people happening at the speed of thought, the digital world of Computers , opens up opportunities galore, for computer professionals.

As a diploma graduate in Computer technology, there are a wide range of options from a trainee troubleshooter to hardware Service engineer. In way of entrepreneurship, students can set up servicing centres for computer hardware (dealing in assembly , computer installation, Troubleshooting and maintenance)

As Entrepreneurs, students can run their own business in

  • Wiring in small scale industries
  • Electrical wiring and tuning contracts in residential buildings
  • Motor rewinding in all electrical equipments.
  • Control panel board designing and UPS designing and servicing.
  • Small size transformer designing.

The course covers in depth computer hardware, networking Fundamentals and also software (operating systems, Hardware interface languages like assembly language and C) Also, the college has taken up training the students in A +, CCNA,MCSC etc, which will help widen their career scope.

The computer lab is air-conditioned and well furnished as per ergonomic standards and is both student and computer friendly with the

Lab Support
  • More than 80 Upgraded Pentium IV machines with latest LCD monitor
  • LCD Projector
  • High quality Laser Printer with Scanner and Copier
  • LAN connected with internet facility
  • Separate UNIX,Windows,Novell Netware Servers
  • Systems are multimedia-enabled
  • Web camera
  • OH projector , with 36 KVA UPS
  • HP Plotter & Printers (inkjet and dotmatrix)

The lab has the following hardware/software segments

  • Hardware servicing lab
  • 8086 microprocessor lab
  • Networks-i lab (Novel 4.11 & windows NT)
  • C and c++ lab
  • Operating systems lab(dos & unix)
  • PC packages lab
  • Visual basic lab (latest version)
  • RDBMS lab (latest version of Oracle)
  • Internet technologies lab (Java 1.2, DOTNET)
  • Autocad lab with AUTOCAD 2000
  • CAD/CAM lab with Lathe & Milling Simulation Softwares


    Students on completion of their diploma can opt for B.E or AMIE Courses in

  • Computer science
  • Information Technology
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Electronics and communication
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Electronics and Instrumentation